“Tan Onwimon” Shares His Thoughts: It’s hard, but it’s love.

19 July 2018, 12:48

The music in movies is something most people usually overlook, but for “Tan Onwimon”, it’s the secret key that is important to a good movie not any less than other elements of it.

It’s widely known that music composers are “behind-the-scenes” professionals who are contributing to the success of singers and artists on stage. Try to think of all the top hits or timeless pieces that you know the lyrics very well and ask yourself if you know who is responsible for writing the song. It’s those people that often get overlooked who are essential to the process of creation. Not only that is true for the music industry, but also for films as well. Think of Jaws, Indiana Jones, Mission Impossible, James Bond, or even the popular Mario, but without music. It’s like a car without an engine.


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What makes a good movie?

Engaging plot, sharp dialogue, performers’ energy, dazzling special effect, neat art-direction, and other visible elements are perhaps the most common answers, but what if there is no soundtrack for 5 minutes, would you still think the movie is good?

Someone once said that soundtracks are half of any movies. But since the audience mostly does not pay as much attention to the soundtracks as to the visible elements, most dream jobs about film industry would usually be director, playwright, or visual director instead. But there is an exception for Tan Onwimon.


Shining Star | Tan Onwimon

Story: Sarapi, Image: Tawesap
Sakool Thai Magazine, year 60 issue 3108, Tuesday 13 May 2014

“If you are certain it is right. If you are certain it is what you want. Then do it. Do not waste time”

He may not share the same interest, but he is much like “his father” as a man who dares to think and do things that are different.


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